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Leather Arm Guards - Plain

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The mightiest warriors in history are frequently depicted with some form of arm guard. We''ve taken their cue and fashioned these in soft leather to provide just enough surface protection from a glancing blow, but still remain supple enough for full hand and wrist motion. The lacing system provides a custom fit while the reinforcing leather bands give increased support. These plain guards are 9-1/8" long and come in Black only (brown sold out). Also available with X-Strap #200458. 


A bit loose on me but that's my fault for bein skinny. They don't slide around on me, though.
From: Jason, October 30, 2009
I use this for archery and for wearing under heavier arm protection. A great, simple piece to complete any renaissance outfit.
From: Brad, December 25, 2008
Simple and effective.  Great for protecting your forearms when shooting a bow and arrow, too.
From: Jeffrey, November 19, 2008

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