Latest Catalogs

They're about to hit and we must apologize in advance, we know money is tight, but darn if we don't have some reallllly cool stuff.

Miniature historical bowies and combat knives just like their larger cousins in every way just...cute. New frontier knives made in the USA! Kick ass Mantis knife designs, unique outdoor knives for the sportsman, hunter, soldier, suvivalist and anyone who needs a darn good cutting tool. How about a Confederate pistol or a Wanted/Rewards historical poster set? Trust me there's a bit for everyone and some items can be custom engraved for a very personal touch.

New medieval helmet, Robin Hood outfit, Tudors King Henry outfit and awesome T-shirts. We haven't forgot you ladies, there are gowns galore and jewelry to match. Statues, replica coins, drinking horns, LARP poly armor and leather accessories and so much more.

Call us anytime for a catalog from each division and if you get too much drool on one you can call back for another, we know how it is.
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