Last Chance Axes and Hammers

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Royal Stag Seax

This massive Seax is 21-1/2" long and has a high carbon steel blade engraved with a beautifully rendered Norwegian interlace. The cylindrical, solid brass guard has a Nordic motif and the handle is Sambar Stag crown. The leather sheath has brass trim adorned with filigree and 2 brass lashing rings. This knife is expertly assembled in the US in our own shop.

Voyager Scramasax

This Voyager Scramasax has a sharp, hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade with a straight cutting edge for precise control. The carved bone handle features hand-cut cross-hatching with black stain. The dark brown leather sheath is embossed with interlaced ringlets and bands and brass hardware with an aged finish. The reinforcing bands near the throat have two rings for threading cord or leather to attach the sheath to a belt or sash.

Ragnar's Axe w/ Leather Hanger

Whether myth or legend, Ragnar would have appreciated this fearsome axe. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts, it has a stained ash wood handle and a 2Cr13 stainless steel head. The grip is wrapped with leather. Includes a free belt hanger.

Winged Viking Spear Head

This Spear Head is hand forged from high carbon steel and is capable of retaining a razor sharp edge. Pole not included. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Competition Tomahawk

Hand-forged Tomahawk with a 4" edge and a round poll that holds the American Hickory hardwood handle.

American Hickory Competition Tomahawk Handle

These tomahawk handles are solid American Hickory. Includes instructions for affixing the handle securely. Unfinished, 19-1/4" long.
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Viking Throwing Spear

This high carbon steel spearhead is both sturdy and deadly. The open socket fits a 1-1/4" round pole and has two attachment holes for a secure fit.

Large Agate Arrowhead

This hand carved agate arrowhead measures approximately 5- 1/4"long.

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Royal Stag Seax

The stag crown on this blade is nothing short of amazing!  I collect seax blades and this one is absolutely my favorite. Laser engraving on the blade is tasteful and the sheath is perfect.

I cannot recommend this one enough!
Reviewed by: Mike, December 25, 2023

Review of: Voyager Scramasax

I bought this as I collect Vikingesque weapons but found this to br s quality blade that holds up to daily EDC

I would have written this up for my monthly knife column in a firearm magazine but the availability seems to be hit or miss
Reviewed by: Mike, December 04, 2022

Review of: Royal Stag Seax

Really a good looking blade
Reviewed by: Russell, September 14, 2022

Review of: Competition Tomahawk

I bought two of these for a backyard party. I highly recommend building a solid upright back board for throwing. These took quite a beating and held up well. Buy extra handles as they can split when throw incorrectly; get at least one per tomahawk.
Reviewed by: Evan, September 11, 2022

Review of: Winged Viking Spear Head

I wanted to make a real spear that could be used as a main weapon or a throwing spear at close range (because of the weight of the ash pole).  I also knew that the Norse were mostly armed with spears and not swords, so I wanted to see how wielding a Viking type spear would be.  This spear head is perfect for thrusting, cutting, and with a metal end piece, for use as a quarter staff in combat.  The winged part helps keep the spear from going too far into an opponent's body and also acts as a small hook for possibly dismounting someone by pulling back on the spear. It fit the ash pole very well and I am very pleased with it.  I recommend staining the pole after beveling it to fit the spear head so that it will resist rot inside the metal enclosure.
Reviewed by: DeVaul, June 15, 2022

Review of: Voyager Scramasax

This is a great little knife. Super stabby/acute point.. Tight fit on all the parts. Though there is no guard the cross hatching on the bone handle provides a excellent no-slip grip. The antique finish is great. Since it is a friction fit sheath the lanyard ring really helps because only about about 1-1/2" of the handle sticks out of the sheath. My only problem with this knife is we are so used to the blade edge going to the rounded side of the sheath occasionally I try to put it in upside down or is it down side up. Ha ha!
Reviewed by: Jeffery, September 26, 2021

Review of: Royal Stag Seax

So to start off I love the feel of this seax.  A little heavier then I expected but not bad.  Fit and finish is very nice.  fits very nicely in the the Sheath.  Just so all understand what you see in the picture is what you get with the blade but each and every Stag handle will be different.  Mine is much straight not bad just different from what you see.  All and all I would buy again.
Reviewed by: Andrew, June 24, 2021

Review of: Voyager Scramasax

Whether sailing a restless sea, or fording an Amazon river, this blade bespeaks of the Viking thirst for adventure and exploration.  Excellent for general use, or as a camp knife for the Great Outdoors.
Reviewed by: Jordan, February 27, 2021

Review of: Winged Viking Spear Head

This spearhead is a serious piece of hardware! It’s much larger that other spear heads I have. Very pleased with it!
Reviewed by: Paul, August 03, 2020

Review of: Winged Viking Spear Head

Good and stable spear head, and I wish that you guys could add a sharpening option.
Reviewed by: Tyrone, July 03, 2020