Large Agate Arrowhead


This hand carved agate arrowhead measures approximately 5- 1/4"long.
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This massive arrowhead would have been used as a spear tip historically and could have dated from ancient times to the forming of America. Today it is not uncommon to see them as a necklace signifying luck in the hunt and strength. This is a modern, handmade agate head measuring approximately 5- 1/4" long by 1-1/2" wide by 1/2" thick. Due to the hand carving process and natural occurring variance in the stone, no two will ever be alike.


Products specifications
Overall Length 5- 1/4" Long X 1-1/2" Wide X 1/2" Thick


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Products specifications
Overall Length 5- 1/4" Long X 1-1/2" Wide X 1/2" Thick
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