Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Whatcha' doin' over Labor Day weekend? Nothing? Great, I'll make plans for just us then. You're cordially invited to spend the weekend with us at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. The show is one of the few still fan run and very fan friendly, in fact if you don't dress up in some sort of sci fi, movie, anime, or sexy (yeah I went there) outfit, you may stand out and that ain't good.

It's literally fun for all ages and a chance to get great deals on collectibles and LARP items from us at a huge discount and see things we haven't shown before (as if seeing us wasn't enough). Plus we're giving away free gift cards to everyone who simply comes by as a thank you. We programmed them with anywhere from $10-$100 at random making getting your next item from us really easy. Who loves ya?

Any questions about the show go to

We hope to see all of you there...except you in the straight jacket, nothing personal.

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