Knightly 3/4 Leather Arm Armour

Manufacturer part number: DK5313



These leather arms are handcrafted in the USA in a simple style so they can be used for many time periods. They pair nicely and easily match other armour. The elbow cup is fanless and molded to nice rounded shape.  The arm is fully articulated and moves nicely. It attaches with straps and buckles and has a 3/4" buckle at the top of the arm where you can strap your gorget, but it is not necessary. Can be used in SCA or for LARP. Available in black or brown.  Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Hand Crafted from thick 13/15 oz armour grade leather
  • Length Wrist to Elbow: 10"
  • Length Elbow to Wrist: 12"


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