Kaeru Wakizashi

Manufacturer part number: SH2468

Kaeru means frog which is the name given to this wakizashi thanks to the amphibian seen on the tsuba. Made by Paul Chen of Hanwei.
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This wakizashi from Hanwei is made of hand-forged and folded K120C steel. The rayskin same has a blue cotton wrap and the black fuchi and kashira have brass detailing. The stainless steel tsuba has a blackened iron finish and depicts a frog jumping from a lily pad, beautifully detailed in silver and gold. One-piece brass habaki. The black lacquered saya has a dark blue and moss green silk sageo with polished buffalo horn kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length27-3/4"
Blade Length19-3/4"
Handle Length6"
Weight1 lb / 7 oz
MaterialK120C forged - folded steel


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