Introducing Battlecry by Windlass. Are You Ready?

Introducing Battlecry by Windlass. Are you ready

Battlecry. A word or phrase that rallies your allies for battle, and brings them under a single cause and unites them in purpose. This is also the intent of the Battlecry line by Windlass Steelcrafts. To band together with the enthusiasts of medieval combat with a single line of tested weaponry. This series of arms has been specifically designed by the master smiths at Windlass in conjunction with world-renowned sword expert, John Clements. This collaboration delivers a line of functional, affordable and historically accurate weaponry. After some extensive deliberation on what to include, the initial run is eight of the most well known and popular designs in melee combat. Introducing the Acre Broadsword, Culloden Basket-Hilt Sword, Agincourt War Sword, Bosworth Long Sword, Maldon Viking Sword, Maldon SeaxOrleans Battle AxeCrecy War DaggerFiore War Hammer and the Soldier's Buckler! Each is hand forged of 1065, high carbon steel and tempered to a Rockwell hardness in the low 50's. A custom, aged, "stonewashed" finish has given to these weapons,  which gives them a distinctive look, as though they came from a previous era. All edged weapons of this series come sharpened and ready for action. Explore Battlercry.

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