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The Empire''s armed forces consisted of the Imperial Army, the main ground force and Navy. The Army operated massive ground combat vehicles and maintained a presence across the galaxy. They also had many joint operations with other branches of the Empire in a variety of ways. The Imperial Army consists of legions, enough to project a constant aura of power throughout the galaxy. 

The ensembles we have recreated have had nothing spared and have taken months to research.  Each is hand made of a similar material as the ones worn on screen in The Empire Strikes Back (the original material being no longer available).  The garments are a heavy, custom dyed, 100% cotton weave with full satin lining just like the originals with every single snap and eye & loop closure sewn-in as the originals had for proper fit.  The regal outfits also feature the hat in matching material and solid metal accessories including the badge symbol, code cylinders (2) and rank badge; 1 row of 3 Red, 1 row of 3 Blue for Commander or Captain.

The full leather boots are copied directly from originals kept in the archives.  Budgets being what they were back then, these boots also saw use on Luke in A New Hope ceremony scene and on Han as well.  A great multi-costume bargain for a basic boot!

The complete ensemble as worn on screen, using the existing cut-patterns from Lucasfilm archives and recreated here includes hat, dickie (half undershirt- yep they each had one), jacket, Jaipur ("jopper") military pants- inspired by a style developed and used by British armed forces in WWII with the classic wide thigh area.  Plus leather boots, leather belt with solid metal buckle and all accessories including rank badge and 2 Officers code cylinders. 

Every detail has been captured (even the ones not evident on screen) for the most accurate Officer in the galaxy.  This ensemble includes the boots.  If you wish to purchase it without the boots click here.

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Write a Review
Received the Uniform and I was very impressed with the quality. I ordered the XL and it fit great, like it was made for me. Surpassed my expectations.
- Jacob, February 06, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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Nothing great about this costume it's ok in it's workmanship.
- Robert, June 29, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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These outfits are great! Museum Replicas should get also design this uniform in white for Grand Admiral Thrawn fans!!
- Kevin, June 12, 2011
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Just received the uniform today and it is excellent.  Tried it on (Med Size) and I thought it fit very well and looks tailored. The material is of a cotton blend and thick (same thickness as jean material) so it has a weight to it.  Very impressed overall.  See my review of the Luke Jedi suit as well.
- Michael, July 20, 2010 | Verified Purchase
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- Everett, December 05, 2009
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