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The Empire''s armed forces consisted of the Imperial Army, the main ground force and Navy. The Army operated massive ground combat vehicles and maintained a presence across the galaxy. They also had many joint operations with other branches of the Empire in a variety of ways. The Imperial Army consists of legions, enough to project a constant aura of power throughout the galaxy. 

The ensembles we have recreated have had nothing spared and have taken months to research.  Each is hand made of a similar material as the ones worn on screen in The Empire Strikes Back (the original material being no longer available).  The garments are a heavy, custom dyed, 100% cotton weave with full satin lining just like the originals with every single snap and eye & loop closure sewn-in as the originals had for proper fit.  The regal outfits also feature the hat in matching material and solid metal accessories including the badge symbol, code cylinders (2) and rank badge; 1 row of 3 Red, 1 row of 3 Blue for Commander or Captain.

The complete ensemble as worn on screen, using the existing cut-patterns from Lucasfilm archives and recreated here includes hat, dickie (half undershirt- yep they each had one), jacket, Jaipur ("jopper") military pants- inspired by a style developed and used by British armed forces in WWII with the classic wide thigh area.  Plus leather belt with solid metal buckle and all accessories including rank badge and 2 Officers code cylinders. 

Every detail has been captured (even the ones not evident on screen) for the most accurate Officer in the galaxy.  This ensemble does not include the boots.  If you wish to purchase it with the boots click here.

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Write a Review
(9/24/10) Overall, the costume is well constructed and assembled. The jacket is thick and feels solid.  The zipper/button construction of the pants' fly is very convenient.

The greatest weakness of this ensemble, however, is the gross inaccuracy of the sizing in the hat and gloves. While the construction and details may be accurate to what was worn in the movies, the discrepancy between the sizing chart and the physical product is quite excessive.

I wear an XL hat, in baseball cap sizes. According to the published size chart, that is an XL officer hat. Upon receipt, it was far too large. I exchanged it for a Large, and that also turned out to be too big.

The gloves are superficially accurate, but also too big to be practical. The lining and padding are akin to business-class winter gloves. In the movies where the gloves are visible on General Veers or Captain Needa, the gloves are much more form fitting and thinner in construction.  These gloves are also too large in comparison to the size chart and also too thick.

A secondary weakness to this ensemble is the rank badge. The product description claims twice that the customer has the option to choose what rank, but the order form does not allow that choice -- you get the 2x3 and nothing else.  The construction of the badge itself is very good.  However, the method of attachment to the uniform is quite poor: double-stick foam adhesive tape.  If for display purposes only, then this method should suffice.  If intending to wear the uniform more than once, however, it would behoove the customer to look into more durable methods of attachment.

UPDATE 2/22/11: I note that the description has changed and that it is now clear that there is only one option for the rank badge, and that the size chart for the hat now includes actual measurements.  This is a vast improvement in the product description and is much less misleading.  After wearing this uniform twice through my activities with a well-known Star Wars costume group, I am pleased to report that the construction is durable.
- Jerome, February 22, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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