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The Imperial Navy, also referred to as the Imperial Starfleet, was the division of the Galactic Empire in charge of maintaining security, peace and order in the galaxy.  At its most powerful, the Imperial Navy maintained the Emperor''s foothold throughout the galaxy.  Besides generally defending Imperial citizens from space-based threats such as pirates, smugglers and rebel contingents, they were charged with enforcing the Emperors Will, which was commonly accomplished by overseeing commerce through customs and blockade operations. The Imperial Navy performed orbital bombardments, transported ground force troops and followed that up with space and aerial support, the most notorious being the dreaded Death Star.

The ensembles we have recreated have had nothing spared and have taken months to research.  Each is hand made of a similar material as the ones worn on screen in A New Hope (the original material being no longer available).  The garments are a heavy, custom dyed, 100% cotton weave with full satin lining just like the originals with every single snap and eye & loop closure sewn-in as the originals had for proper fit.  The regal outfits also feature the hat in matching material and solid metal accessories including the badge symbol, code cylinders (2) and rank badge; 1 row  of 4 blue for Lieutenant. 

The complete ensemble as worn on screen, using the existing cut-patterns from Lucasfilm archives and recreated here includes hat, dickie (half undershirt - yep they each had one), jacket, Jaipur ("jopper") military pants- inspired by a style developed and used by British armed forces in WWII with the classic wide thigh area.  Plus leather belt with solid metal buckle and all accessories including rank badges and 2 Officers code cylinders.  

Every detail has been captured (even the ones not evident on screen) for the most accurate Officer in the galaxy. This ensemble does not include the boots.  If you wish to purchase it with the boots click here.

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Write a Review
(From a 501st Legion Recruit)
Uniform - I love the quality of the tunic/pants. Solid and fit great.
Hat - Great fit, the brim seems slightly outof shape. But still great again
Rank bar - Needed replacing straight out of the box.
Belt - Again, seems good. Fit it to yourself then punch the hole in.
Boxes - Seem very good. No comment at this time as I don't currently need them
Code Cylinders - Slight pain chips on one item. Easy fix. Very happy to have them.
Boots - Did not purchase - No comment
Gloves - Will not use. Not suitable for trooping or normal use.

Overall, I am very happy with the uniform. A few replacements here and there for 501st membership or personal reasons.

Customer Service Review:

Many thanks to Mary to handled my order from start to finish. Their service has been top-notch and worth every dollar spent and more.

I had an issue where my S tunic was sent as an XL. Returned to MuR, which they promptly reimbursed my costs (as I am an international (non-US) customer) and sent the correct sizing straight away.

Excellent serivce, always keeping me up todate and just the most pleasing shopping experience I've ever had.

Thank you again!
- Aaron, March 03, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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BEST Yet !!!
- RICHARD, May 05, 2010
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