I'm Back!

Like a bad penny, I always turn up. Well we just came back from Montreal, which is really nice this time of year...if you're a polar bear, meeting with Bollywoods biggest and brightest- no kidding. A new project we'll tell you about soon. If you get a chance to head North to Montreal, check out the hockey and the Indian restaurant Devi on Crescent. Praveen runs a nice place with great food, good prices and portions. The staff was terrific too. They know their way around Indian spices.

You're going to have increased access to our product lines through stores like AmazonBarnes & NobleDesign ToscanoToys r us and more. We love that you visit us and are grateful for your patronage, but we also realize the convenience of multiple shopping points and hope you appreciate the ease you'll be able to get our cool items.

We see behind the magic of many great productions and it can ruin some of the excitement or build it. Some movies coming soon we can't wait to see:

Clash of the Titans
Robin Hood
Iron Man 2
Harry Potter
Avatar (again)

The Obi and Luke robes plus Imperial Officer hats will be shipping. Anakin's robe will closely follow.

Steampunk gadgets, gizmo's, clothing and accessories. We're your HQ for Victorian Sci-fi.
- Marvel Nick Fury ID wallet set- includes ID's, leather wallet and badge. It's no toy, we only do government issue. You can be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
Braveheart full outfits made from the screen used pieces- own the real thing as worn on set.
- Robin Hood swords, clothing, armor and more. Rob from the rich and buy our stuff. Well maybe not, but your pennies will be served well here rather than into nasty King John's tax coffer.


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