How well do you know Medieval Wordology?- Part 3

Ready for another round? Here we go:

1) In Greek mythology what is the name of the indestructible shield forged by the gods showing a depiction of the gorgon Medusa?

2) What makes the Holy Grail so holy?

3) The tree that stands central in Norse cosmology is called what?

4) What would you do with a fletch?

5) What is the 16th-century term for the crossguard of a sword?

6) A free-standing shield for archers and crossbowmen was called what?

7) Could you take a ride in a medieval herce?
8) How would a trencher help your hunger?
9) How would you handle an arbalest?

10) Would a windlass help your arbalest?

How many did you get?

1) The Aegis.
2) It is thought to be the cup Christ used at the Last Supper.
3) Yggdrasil. Say that 10 times fast, I dare you.
4) Hopefully, you have more than one or two, it's going to stabilize your arrow in flight.
5) A quillon.
6) A pavise.
7) Nope, a herce was a frame for supporting candles and was very uncomfortable to ride in.
8) It was a large piece of stale bread used as a tray for other food.
9) Like a crossbow. Only much, much bigger.
10) Indeed, among its many uses, a windlass could be used to cock a crossbow.

1-3 Someone smells of elderberries...
4-6 There is hope for you squire.
5-9 We are graced by your royal patronage. 
10 You're already on the internet. Might as well cheat.

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