How well do you know Medieval wordology- Part 2

How well do you know Medieval wordology- Part 2?  Yeah?  Let's see...scroll down for the answers.

1) If you liked someone would a philtre help?

2) What was Saint Elmo's fire (before the movie in the 80's)?

3) What would you be doing if you were caught scutching?  

4) I'd like a tayador around Thanksgiving, but why?

5) What are the four cardinal virtues according to Plato?

6) Would you walk into a housse or wear it?

7) If you got mail during this time would you be a warrior or just really popular?

8) What musical instrument had chanters?

9) You may know what a damsel is, but what's the male equivalent?

10) Could I see you through a fenester?


1) Possibly, it was a potion/drug thought to excite feelings of passion
2) Static electricity that gathered and could be seen at the tops of masts, tall trees and yard arms
3) You'd be beating the tar out of cotton and the like to get rid of impurities
4) It's a large carving plate and serving dish
5) Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance
6) Wear it silly, it was a long, wide shawl trimmed with fur
7) Warrior...grunt, it described the armorers art of linking metal rings together for protection in battle
8) Bagpipes, they were the reed pipes attached to a windbag (no, not me) that created the melody
9) Damoiseau, which generally described a young gentlemen not yet a knight in status
10) If my eyes were open, it's a window

Be honest, how many did you get right?

1-3  Back to the fields peasant!
4-6  Welcome land owner
7-9  Your royal knowledge will take you far my liege.
10  Seriously, you cheated again?

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