How well do you know Medieval Wordology?

1) What is a genouillieres?

2) If you were a gaukler what would you be?

3) Why is the fleur-de-lis symbol significant? 

4) What are decretals?

5) What would you be doing if you were termed a cuckold?

6) You'd get the point if you knew what a bodkin was.

7) What is an arbalest?

8) What is it to troth?

9) What is a pretzel? OK, a gimme right? Now, why is it shaped the way it is?

10) Would you eat a pedule or wear it?
Let's see...scroll down for the answers.


1) Armor for the knee cap

2) A traveling minstrel from Germany

3) It was the official royal emblem of France

4) Papal letters addressing church law

5) A married woman sleeping around

6) A long, sharp, dagger-like needle

7) A steel crossbow with wood shaft

8) Pledge, promise or give your word

9) It's an imitation of a scholar's arms crossed over his chest in prayer

10) We hope you'd wear the unisex rawhide boots

Be honest, how many did you get right?

1-3 Back to the fields peasant!

4-6 Welcome landowner.

7-9 Your royal knowledge will take you far my liege.

10 You cheater.

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