Happy Halloween Early!

So you want to be a Civil War soldier, pirate, assassin, the Phantom, Spartan warrior, Roman soldier or just plain royalty for Halloween? Something else? Not a problem. We have a full line of outfits for men and women, even kids. We know how hard it is to get geared up right for a special themed event and not look too dorky doing it. Whether it be Halloween, a Ren Faire, wedding, Con, you name it, we've got you covered right down to the boots.

You deserve real outfits made of leather, wool, silk, cotton and poly/cotton blends so that you not only look the part, but feel the part of who ever you decide to become. Plus we ship worldwide (most items anyway, Customs gets funny about some of our "toys") so no excuses this year or any other for not looking awesome.

Heck I'm even going to be a...you know what, I'll let you guess. And if you nail it I'll send you 2 gift cards worth from $10-$100 each. Go ahead and leave your guess in comments (keep it relatively clean, I'm not that kind of boy so no Little Bo Peep references). First one to nail the theme wins, either way I'll end the suspense Sept 18. I may even drop hints along the way. A little bio to help you out- I like puppies, long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh wait not that bio...

Our items sell out quickly heading into the fall so don't wait too long or that dorky thing you want to avoid may come true.
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