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Hanwei / Paul Chen

The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces quality reproduction swords and accessories for the collector and practitioner communities. All are hand forged, most using high carbon steel, then hand ground and hand-finished. Fittings such as the handle and scabbard components are produced in-house. You will find a combination of quality, performance, design, and value in Hanwei swords

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Oni Katana

The imposing Oni Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei has been built with all black furniture and displays the mythical monster of Japanese folklore on the tsuba.

Praying Mantis Katana

A highly respected theme in Samurai swords, the praying mantis is a symbol of cunning and power in Japanese culture.

Practical Norman Sword

This Norman sword from the Paul Chen European practical line is a re-enactment safe blade fit for a Viking. Built for the rigors of combat training, it has a 1566 high-carbon steel blade left un-edged and un-pointed to minimize injury.

Practical Plus XL Light Katana

The Practical Plus XL Light Katana from Hanwei is a great example of a cutting sword that is economical yet features traditional fittings and construction methods.

Cromwell Sword

This “mortuary” style hilt sword is an accurate replica of the sword owned by Oliver Cromwell. Made by Paul Chen / Hanwei.

Practical XL Katana

Economically made, but built to be used is the purpose behind the Practical Katanas of Hanwei. This XL version features a wider blade than regular katanas, which makes for easier cutting of tatami mats.

Tori Elite Katana

A blade built for serious martial artists, the Tori Elite Katana shines as a piece from Hanwei’s Performance Series.

Tori XL Katana

A blade built for serious martial artists, the Tori XL Katana shines as a piece from Hanwei’s Performance Series with slightly more blade than the Elite version.