Hand-Woven, Hand-Stitched Chemise


Faithful to Middle Ages and Renaissance, this 58” hand-stitched chemise from the master tailors and seamstresses of rural India is made of 100% hand-loomed cotton, and consists of drawstring neck and wrists, elaborated with crocheted cotton trims.


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This beautiful Hand-Stitched Chemise is constructed exactly like its' historical counterpart. Manufactured in rural India by master tailors and seamstresses from 100% hand loomed materials then hand stitched the same way it would have been made during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. No machines were used in the construction of this garment. One size, fits S, M or L. Natural 100% cotton. Length 58". Drawstring neck and wrists. Embellished with 100% hand crocheted cotton lace trim at neck, wrists and hem.


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Write a Review
This is the best chemise i have ever had
This is the best chemise i have ever had, I will tell you I loved it! I wore it as a night gown, I wore it under skirts, I wore it to death. I bought it 13 yrs ago for 40  $ and it lasted 5 yrs, I did wear it a lot! I went back to buy another and the price went up to 80ish so I declined. So today I thought now 80$ , it was worth it. I just came one to buy it again. yikes.I must admit it is a great chemise, but! from 40ish to 144 in 13 yrs?
- M, May 22, 2018
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Hi - We are so happy to hear you got so much use from the first chemise you purchased from us. This particular Chemise (hand woven and and stitched) is a newer addition to our line added last year. They are priced higher due to the completely hand made nature, starting with using hand loomed cotton to hand stitching them and finishing with hand crocheted lacing.
- MRL Team

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