Hand Sewn Clothing

In the world of historical re-enactment and role play costuming, few eras are as popular as that of the Renaissance Period. While many manufacturers offer garments that are constructed in the style of days long gone, few fulfill the promise of authentic production. Museum Replicas has noticed this lack of reproduction and has decided to address the issue with it's own line called; Windlass Authentics. This Hand-Sewn line is as implied, sewn by hand. But these period pieces are also loomed by hand as well! Even the lacing used on these garments is stitched by hand.

The unaltered fibers of the shirts and chemise are naturally off-white in color, producing the classic look that blends into the period. However, we do hand dye the pants to add a splash of color! These items will take you back to the festivals with triumphant authenticity, making you the rival of all your peers!  Order from Museum Replicas Hand Sewn line and see your look transcend time!

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