Halloween Already?

Miss me?

I'll be scarce for a week or so as we exhibit at the Costume and Party Expo in Houston. Sounds interesting I know, but Houston? If any one has any pull, Hawaii would be preferred...
Remember you can see us anytime at our store, just call ahead...we run background checks. Just kidding, but not really. 800-883-8838, plus at Dragon Con in Atlanta and Comic Con in San Diego. We'd love to meet you and you and you, not you, you and you. Plan ahead these things sell out fasssssst.
We like suggestions and get some of our best from you, feel free to bug retail for a product or line you've seen. You never know, we may pick it up or make it. As an example we'll be expanding greatly our Cold Steel line per your demand.
Thanks so much for all the kind feedback on our licensed items, the fact that you come to us and buy them shows your good taste and we're honored you would choose us as your source.

Talk at ya.
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