Groom / Stick Archival Natural Rubber Knead Cleaner Molecular Trap


Groom / Stick® is a novel form of natural rubber with specific properties combining to create a surface dry-cleaner of high efficiency.


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The rubber's natural structure has been modified to make it permanently soft, kneadable and strongly tacky. Moisture, solvents and chemical additives have been excluded.
Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for picking up and carrying away a wide variety of foreign matter such as graphite, carbon, charcoal, chalk, crayon, mould, dust, dirt and grease
  • Substances are cleanly lifted off the surface and held within the 'molecular trap
  • Will not abrade, smudge, crumble, or produce clinging debris
  • May also be used to remove oils from hands and fingers before tackling sensitive jobs
  • Permanently tacky and completely reusable
  • The rubber is of special value in dry-cleaning engraved or worked surfaces, e.g. sculpture, arms and armor, jewelry. Pressed gently into the surface, the rubber conforms with any profile, "fuses" with trapped dirt and peels away cleanly.
  • When not in use, the rubber should be stored between sheets of thick polythene of sufficient area to contain the rubber's tendency to flow.

GROOM/STICK is produced by Picreator Enterprises Ltd., London England


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