Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector

Manufacturer part number: WETA 14-672

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The Rayguns: Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators is a line of 1:1 scale antique-styled sci-fi hand weapon props, conceived by Weta Workshop's Designer Greg Broadmore and meticulously built by Master Model Maker David Tremont. With charming, 1900s contraption styling and finish, the Rayguns evoke the nostalgia of a lost age of exploration and discovery, and possess an intentional sense of humor and fun in their design that is all Greg's.

The Goliathon is the heaviest of the Rayguns, weighing in at 9.9 lbs. It's sturdy and ribbed handle provides the user with sufficient support. The Goliathon 83 has tubing, valves, two stage switching circuits, thermionic resonance chambers, inverse aether flux holding cells, and a Krimble radiator. Its three glass canisters, in yellow, pink and blue, carry residue from missions past.

Weta will be making only 500 of this gun worldwide, all of which will be handcrafted and made out of metal with some glass parts. Every Raygun comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case, Certificate of Authenticity and an assortment of implements and crafting tools. Not only that, these bad boys will be a decent punch of metal – with each gun weighing in at over 7 pounds each these are no light investment.  Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 
  • Raygun Overall:  18" L x 12" W x 4.5" H
  • Limited edition, comes in a display case


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