Christmas Gifts for Sword Lovers

There are blades in our catalog that are the perfect Christmas and holiday gift for sword lovers. So, if you have someone in your life that is into historical swords, we have compiled a list of items they may fancy. While the majority of the products in the list are understandably swords (metal and wooden) there are also gauntlets, a sword belt, a book on swords, a sword and gun maintenance kit, and letter openers inspired by… you guessed it, swords! Take a look.

Wooden Training Gladius

Wooden swords may look harmless but they had great significance during the Roman Empire. Gladiators used wooden swords for training and, if they survived the arena, were awarded one as a symbol of freedom. This beautiful wooden gladius from Windlass Steelcrafts is 27” long and weighs 12 oz.

Viking Ulfberht

Here’s a Windlass Steelcrafts reproduction of one of the most mythical swords in history. They say the forging technique of the original Ulfberhts were centuries ahead of their time and remains a mystery to this day. So, exact reproduction this is not, but it is one amazing piece nonetheless. This sword is crafted of 1065 high carbon steel with etching on either side of the blade that is exactly as the original. The grip features leather, the quillon is steel and the pommel has a Brazil nut shape, a popular style in the Middle Ages. This Ulfberht is 35-3/4” long and weighs 3 lbs.

The Suontaka Viking Sword

The original sword, which could be from as early as the mid-10th century, was found in a woman’s grave in Suontaka, Finland in 1968. Windlass Steelcrafts’ stunning reproduction is crafted of 1065 high carbon steel. The fully-tempered, full tang sword exhibits elaborately detailed guard, pommel, grip band, and inserts, all plated in rich copper. The sword comes with a leather scabbard and baldric. It is 37” long.

Bastard Sword

This bastard sword from Windlass Steelcrafts is forged of 1065 high carbon steel. The pommel and cross guard are antiqued a darkened, aged finish. The handle is wrapped in soft black leather and features a steel separator ring to enable the use of both hands. For a large sword, it has very good balance. The sword includes a scabbard. It is 44-3/4" long and weighs 3lbs/10oz.

Medieval Practice Weapon – One Handed Sword

This is the last of the Windlass Steelcrafts swords in this list and is as excellent as the ones above it. The design of this practice sword is based on the blades that were prevalent from the 12th to the 15th century. The sword is fully seasoned and hand crafted in solid hardwood and exhibits contrasting wood guard and pommel. It is ideal for sparring and re-enacting. The sword is 38-1/4” long and weighs 1 lb.

Medieval Double Wrap Belt

This belt is fashioned of top grade leather and comes with a frog hanger to fit all scabbards. The double wrap enables the belt to support the weight of heavy swords. It is 1-3/4" wide and comes in different sizes.

"The Book of Swords" Paperback by Hank Reinhardt

Our founder Hank Reinhardt spent a lifetime studying swords – their construction, use, history, culture, and myths. This book, based on years of passion and research, features historical facts and colorful anecdotes on the most famous weapon known to mankind. The 235 pages also exhibit dozens of black and white photos and illustrations. The book’s dimensions are 6" x 9".

Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

Owning a historical sword or firearm is great but it is even better if you can maintain them for a long time. This care kit will cater to all your valuable blades and firearms. It features a polishing paste that works wonders on all kinds of surfaces. Also included is a 12" x 12" micro-fiber cloth for easy application.

Leather Gauntlets

These black leather gauntlets made of soft, pliable leather are plain for a reason. You can decorate them any which way you prefer. They are approximately 15" long and weigh 8 oz.

Letter openers

These swords are miniature versions of some of the biggest and baddest blades in our catalog. Each one of these cute, wonderfully detailed items will make for a great gift.

If you are still not satisfied, check out more gift options for sword lovers.

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