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Suitable for foot or mounted combat, this two-tiered helmet was prized by both knights and men-at-arms. The Salade, or English Sallet, possibly originated in France or Burgundy. It was constructed with a tail to protect the back of the head and neck. This version sits flush on a bevor, which protects the chin and throat. The original is believed to be English and dates from about 1480. Our replica features the moveable visor and a bevor with falling buff like the original. Forged of 18 gauge steel, both the salade and bevor are fully lined and wearable. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


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Write a Review
I loved this helmet! It was actually a bit big on me but with the padded arming cap and coif it fit great. Which is how I believe it is designed to work anyways. It's good, strong steel but it doesn't weigh too much which is great. MR did a great job with replicating the original helmets worn at the time.
- John, April 28, 2011
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Is a beautiful piece but came defective the bevor wont close all the way and the internal lining came off old or bad glue sending it back for replacement. Got replacement damage don't buy from this store
- Guillermo, March 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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Wonderful helm.  Thick but light, great protection and visibility.  The way the "tail" of the helm swoops down is very graceful.
- Jeffrey, November 19, 2008
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