German Gothic Cuirass with Tasset


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The last half of the 15th Century saw armor reach its apex in beauty, in both form and function. This type of armor would have been a common site on the battlefields of The War of the Roses. This set consists of the breast and back plates with their fauld and tassets for upper thigh protection. Handcrafted of 18 gauge steel. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.  $15 additional s/h with this item.
  • Approximately 17 lbs
  • Fits up to 46" chest
  • Waist is 38"


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Write a Review
Product quality and craftmanship low. You get an armour full of defects...
- Guillermo, October 21, 2011
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- Guest, July 02, 2009
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An arsenal suit. This is reasonably executed and, surprisingly, the stuff is rather tough and resistant to blows from edged weapons. I have the whole set. Maybe one day you'll add the balance of the lower leg armor. One serious complaint I have is with the strapping supplied. It is basically useless and entirely to short in length to secure the armor. In addition, it is not durable. I have another complaint about the fit of the Cuirass; you better have a small waist line or you'll suffer. On mine, I modified the front of the armor so that the screw at the flur d'lis works in a slot to allow give; most armor of the period had leather straps at this point - if not rivets running in slots - for this purpose. The pieces secure by leather 'points' to each other though the historic method would use points securing the armor to an undergarment. The coverage of the arm and defenses are rather abbreviated and reflect the arsenal status/origins of the underlying design. A light armor for the Man at Arms more so than for a heavily defended knight. Joe Brown
- Judge Joe, December 28, 2008
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