Georgia Renaissance Festival – Back with the Fun

The first Georgia Renaissance Festival was held in 1986 and it has grown bigger and better with each passing year. This time around, it is scheduled from April 13 through June 2. The 34th edition of the fair is certain to be another proper celebration of an important period in history. The festival never disappoints. The 32-acre Village of Newcastle is filled with artisan craft shops, 10 stages of fun, great pubs, taverns and a whole lot more. It combines food, frolic and family festivities all in one lively venue.


The Artisans

Over 150 highly skilled artisans have displays lined up for attendees to truly immerse themselves in the Renaissance tradition. There are demonstrations of coin minting, glass blowing, leather crafting, sculpting, spinning, weaving and several other art forms. Further, you’ll come across clothiers and smiths who do an excellent job of recreating period Europe. If you want collectibles, the place has a foundry that offers high-quality pewter items.

What to wear to the festival?

It is recommended that you wear clothes that fit the setting of the festival, which in this case is 16th-century England under Henry VIII. So, it’s best you don’t visit the venue in your finest three-piece suit. You’ll see people dressed up in many different costumes relevant to the period – elegant royalty, joyful minstrels, brave knights, and the swashbuckling seafarer. Thus, there’s a lot to choose from. If you feel you don’t have anything in your closet that is right for the fair, you can buy an appropriate outfit at the festival.

What to avoid?

Since Henry VIII’s reign began less than 50 years removed from the devastating plague in neighboring Paris, you should perhaps be mindful of sneezing. Remember, people take their time in the fair quite seriously and are in character the moment they enter the venue. So, a random sneeze can earn you a few nasty stares or a cuss or two.

What activities to undertake?

The live events are, well, lively! Do not forget the joust as skillful knights battle with sword and lance. This show is full of amazing stunts performed by expert riders and jousters. If you want something different, you can check out hypnotists, jugglers, dancers, minstrels, and acrobats. There’s no lack of entertainment. Further, you can throw tomatoes at a target if you fancy some of the choicest periods English abuse hurled at you.

When to go?

The Georgia Renaissance Festival runs from April 13 through June 2 and is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Memorial Day. It is recommended that you check the itinerary before picking a time to go, as each of the eight weekends has a different theme. For instance, there’s the May the Fourth Be With You Weekend where your eyes may be subjected to some strange sights, such as an intergalactic Stormtrooper in quiet conversation with a musketeer. Other fun themes include a Romance Weekend, Highland Weekend and Wizarding Weekend!

Children will love it too!

The fun is not restricted to adults. The Georgia Renaissance Festival also happens to be an exciting place for children. The entry is free for anyone five years or under. Also, tickets for children between six and 12 are about half the price. There is no dull moment. You’ll find a playground with slides, swings and picnic tables and the more adventurous can go for a ride in a ship, spin in a barrel or try out the classic maze. The unique rides are mostly man-powered, which is kind of appropriate as Thomas Edison was not alive to invent electricity back in the day.

The food

Try the 1-1/2 pound turkey leg and you won’t feel the need to refuel for a while. Further, there is a range of wonderful appetizers, entrees and desserts and some excellent domestic and imported spirits to wash down the fare.


Georgia Atlanta Festival

6905 Virlyn B. Smith Road

Fairburn, Georgia 30213

Date: April 13 – June 2, 2019

Days: Saturdays, Sundays and Memorial Day Monday

Timing: 10.30 am – 6 pm

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