French Highwayman Coat


This black denim 100% cotton long jacket is split at the sides and back for ease of movement. The wide collar can be worn up or down.


Historical literature abounds with tales of robbers and thieves preying upon rich travelers, and no one bandit personified this more than the French Highwayman. This stunning full-length coat is made of durable black denim and is designed with a generous split in the back, as well as the sides, for easy movement. A stylish wide period cuff with braid and buttons adorn the sleeves, while the laced double collar can be worn either up for disguise or down for city traveling. Relive the stories through this Highwayman coat. 100% cotton, sizes S/M (62" long), L/XL (64-1/2" long) and XXL (65" long).

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Write a Review
Versital and warm
Delightfully stylish and surprisingly warm in cool weather, it's a must have for dastardly deeds. The plastic buttons are easily replaceable if you want to change from the back alleys to the main roads.
- Eugene, October 12, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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This was a gift for my grandson. He won't take it off
- Wanda, September 10, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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Good points - coat is made of tough black fabric that can keep you warm without being too heavy.

Bad points - buttons are made out of thin plastic and can easily break.  I recommend not buttoning the coat if you are into simple cosplay or replacing the buttons with something more sturdier if you want a general purpose coat.  Also, the neck region has a shoelace like design that could prove awkward when taking on or removing the coat.

Overall Feeling - I like this coat.  You can become a highwayman, Darkman, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, or any other character where a grungy looking black coat would be called for.
- Ken, August 19, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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It is a Great coat. The only draw back is the buttons are not easy to fit in and out of the button eye hole.
- Phillip, December 10, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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Shipped very quickly and very professionally. The quality is actually higher than I expected from the pictures! The material was a high quality cotton and jet black! Perfect for the costume I am creating!

Ok the buttons might not be ther ones I would have picked, but I always change out buttons anyway ;)

Great service and great value!
- Elena, October 23, 2015
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Overall the coat is great! But , as in other reviews, the buttons were very cheap. But they will be replaced with buttons of my choosing and will complete the look. Nice!
- Brian , October 07, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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It feels really nice, but others are right. The buttons look and feel a little cheep, but otherwise I will enjoy this coat very much.
- John, April 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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It's true what others have said about the buttons, but I love this anyway.  Buttons are easy enough to reinforce.  I might just replace the ones on mine to personalize it.
- Matthew, December 10, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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It is real nice but the buttons are kind of cheap looking other than that it is a real awesome coat it looks real good on me and fits well the three splits in the bottom of the coat make movement easy but i think u named the coat wrong this is a 1700s ship hands coat the flap at the neck line is for water splash up while on the ship and for those big guys the xxx does have good amount of room in it  
- Joseph, October 04, 2010
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