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Forged Iron Utensils & Cookware

We have one of the biggest selections of Roman, Viking and Medieval feastware and cookware on the web. The forged iron is authentic, made with the same materials and in the same way the original cooking utensils, cutlery, eating utensils, pots, pans, kettles and more were made.

Our feastware can make any occasion stand out and be special, but is especially at home at Renaissance Faires, re-enactments, cos-play, period weddings, parties, and even for camping today. It is rugged and well made, and just as important, at the right price.

The term cutlery comprises silverware or flatware during historical times and various sets were favored by Romans and Vikings and saw the tables of Europe's Royal Courts, which includes forks, knives and spoons of many sizes. We know during the Middle Ages it was common to simply use your fingers to eat with and let's face it, we still like to eat that way when we can today, but sometimes manners matter. Enjoy our wide array of forged iron camping, cooking and eating feastware for your next gathering. Enjoy your purchase for years by following these easy care instructions.

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Hand Forged Iron Kettle

This iron kettle has a simple black finish applied to mimic a rough forged look. Ideal for Viking and medieval events.
$89.95 $49.95

Iron Fork and Knife

This knife and fork set are hand-forged with the traditional blacksmith's twist. Ideal for Viking and medieval settings.

Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

This feasting utensils set fit in a tie-fold, open belt leather pouch. Handle for each piece features the traditional blacksmith’s twist. Approximately 8" long overall.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Iron Fork and Knife

I ordered the twisted iron fork and knife set.  I love it.  A nice weight. Carrying scabbard is nice. Just right for a lady.
Reviewed by: Susan, April 13, 2017

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

These are lovely, and arrived immediately!  I cannot wait to use them!
Reviewed by: Michael, April 04, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

I am very satisfied with this item. I ordered 2 and they are both in perfect condition. Looks very nice, I received great compliments about them. Only bad points is the shipping to Canada OMG it is way to much expensive, you should try to find an alternative as $60 for 2 sets compare to $9,95 in the USA is really exagerated. I was lucky to know people in the USA that was able to received my items for me and bring them back to me after. I will recommend you to everyone. Very nice products.
Reviewed by: Valerie, April 03, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

I ordered 4 sets and they're all unique but well coordinated.  They're very rustic looking and will require a little care to keep them in good shape and usable but they're beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  I got them on sale and they were a great deal for the price.
Reviewed by: Lisa, March 31, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

I received my utensils in record time and they were perfect. They were exactly what I would expect forged utensils to look like. Thank you very much.
Reviewed by: Sharon, March 31, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

The utensils are exactly what I expected, and they are beautiful!
Reviewed by: Paulette, March 30, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

Set was above the standard I was expecting. I ordered 3 sets and not only did they show up sooner than expected. They were used for my children's and I first SCA event together! Perfect! Will recommend tonithers
Reviewed by: Paul, March 04, 2016

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

Very cool! They did need a bit of steel wool to smooth out the eating ends but over all, just what I wanted.
Reviewed by: Linda, December 19, 2014

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

I love my set.  Just season it with olive oil.
Reviewed by: Patrick, January 28, 2014

Review of: Iron Feasting Utensil Set w/ Pouch

Reviewed by: christine, December 16, 2009