Finding the line of Fantasy Swords

Fantasy Swords. For many of us, this was the first foray into the world of arms and armor ownership. The out of this world and awe-inspiring designs of these blades made them an attractive first purchase. In many cases the swords where replica models of popular blades from the films, books, and television (like J. R. R. Tolkien's Sting or the sword of Blade from the Marvel movie series) making them even more desirable. While these blades tend to hold a sentimental place in the heart, eventually a person wants something more to cut with. In short, most fantasy swords can only serve as decorative swords.

Typically, a decorative sword is one that does not have a high enough quality of steel to be suitable for cutting or combat. Many decorative swords have stainless steel blades. This allows them to require little maintenance to ward off rusting but also is too soft or brittle a steel to withstand abuse. Of course, there are exceptions to rule, Twinkle and Icing Death from the books of R. A. Salvatore were made in high carbon steel, capable of holding a beautiful edge. There is also a case for arms made of great steel being strictly decorative swords, the jewel-encrusted ceremonial swords of kings, sultans and the like. Whatever your preference in fantasy swords, whether it be decorative swords or functional swords, know that Museum Replicas supports them all!

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