Ezio Assassin's Belt & Baldric


This belt and baldric combination from Assassin's Creed II features several sheathes for the assassin’s weapons and soft leather pouches with polyurethane details. The belt and baldric are made of leather and are attached to one another by leather lacing for adjustability.


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This belt and baldric combination from Assassin''s Creed II features several sheaths for the assassin’s weapons and soft leather pouches with polyurethane details. The belt and baldric are made of leather and are attached to one another by leather lacing for adjustability.

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The straps have broken on me after the 1st time I put this on. The metal buttons are falling out of this things. I've had to do major repairs just to keep this together
- Eric, October 05, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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First and foremost it needs to be said that all the "ezio" pieces in the MR line are actually from the Lineage video. Why they're trying to tell us it's from any of the games is beyond me, but I suspect they went this route since there was an actual physical original they could copy off of instead of working off the game's files and getting it wrong. That being said; the belt is of decent quality, although mine shipped with its signal askew and some of the stitching coming undone. Not worth the price IMO
- Jeremy, June 05, 2012
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Hi Craig - It appears you have received a defective belt. Please return it to us so we can inspect it and prevent this problem from happening in the future.
- Museum Replicas Team, October 31, 2011
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I bought it. It's nothing like the belt in the game, but it is more like the one in the video.
Problem is ... it's over $200 and from the moment I put it on, it started to fall apart. It's not made very well. Cheap, costume belt. I'm spending the same money to have a custom leather belt made for me. Higher quality.   What you are paying for here is the licensing ... Not a great belt.
- Craig, October 28, 2011
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Quality is good, leather is supple enough not to get in the way of normal use, while i agree the symbol is a bit off its a perfect facsimile of the lineage video.

This does take some extra work getting on and tying up.  

Only two issues:

Issue 1 is at the bottom of the sword breaker sheath there is an extra flap of leather that i have no idea what to do with, i assume its supposed to hook into the belt somewhere with an extra leather strap but the strap seems to be missing or not included (to go around my thigh?).
Issue 2: The leather thongs are very thin, I'm afraid I'm going to have to replace them with leather laces before i ever wear the suit due to how flimsy they are. They need to double or triple the thickness of these.

I can only assume that the folks making this have taken some of the suggestions, the rivets look to be better quality than whats in the pictures today.
- Joshua, October 06, 2011
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Enough has been made of the fact that the size and symbol are not as they are in the game.  I notice that those ratings are from people who have not purchased the item.  I have the entire costume and recently wore it for a number of days at Dragon*Con.  The belt is smaller than the game for a good reason - a video game character's outfit does not need to be practical.  In real life, you need to bend at the abdomen, and having a big hunk of leather there is not practical.  The belt and baldric are both attractive, fit well, and are well-made.  The three stars comes from a condition that permeates the entire series - the leather thongs and rivets used for attachments are worthless.  In fact the ties on my belt consisted of shoe-strings on one side and leather thongs on the other.  (The thongs are then tied to the strings in the back.)  All the thongs on this entire outfit, most appearing on this accessory, broke almost immediately.  The thongs used to tie the belt together broke multiple times.  The screw rivets need to be checked multiple times a day or you will lose them.  (I lost one holding the sword-breaker sheath.)  The rivet holding the sword sheath broke at the end of the wearing, meaning I have to re-rivet it.  Another issue is that it is impossible to adjust the sword-breaker sheath in a way that it will remain vertical enough so the dagger will not tumble out.  I added a leather thong on the base of the sheath to wrap around my thigh, and I tied the dagger into the sheath for insurance.  It is a nice product; however, the manufacturer should spend a few pennies more for good quality leather thongs and rivets for the attachment points.
- MICHAEL, September 05, 2011
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- Alex, April 29, 2011
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So this is based off of the Lineage series. That's cool even though it's not what I was expecting. I'll probably purchase this at some point but I don't plan on running or fighting in it. But shouldn't it be called Giovanni's Belt & Baldric? I have to admit it's kind of misleading. Although I haven't bought this yet there's no other way to comment unless I give a rating so I'm giving it a 4 just cuz it's not really Ezio's costume.
- Michael, March 27, 2011
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Hello Alexander, so what you're saying is they wanted to make a replica of Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2. So they used footage from a Creed themed short movie instead of game footage of the actual character?  Thats just plain stupid.  
Dilbert is right, this just isnt up to par with the outfit at all.  Even if other parts dont do justice to Ezio this one is just a joke.  Especially at that cost.
- Paul, March 12, 2011
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Hello Delbert, please watch the following link. I believe this is what Museum Replicas has based the design off of.


Everything actually, looks perfect. Great Job MRL!! Its exciting to see that some one did this version of the outfit!
- Alexander, October 06, 2010
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This needs to get redone bad. the symbol is too small and the straps that are supposed to be on the side of it aren't there.
- Delbert, September 26, 2010
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