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This bow is made by skilled craftsmen in Poland who are a leading supplier of archery equipment. The wood is comparable to ash, has a hand rubbed finish and measures a full 70” in length. The genuine leather wrap grip can be shot left or right handed. This classic bow has an approx 28 lb pull weight and 28” draw. Includes bow string. This set also includes 2 traditional forged Medieval Needle Bodkin tipped arrows with precise fletching (arrows will have either red or black accent, sorry no choice). Each arrow measures 29”. We tested the bows for hours and enjoyed every shot. The pull weight is perfect for target practice, re-enactors & some LARP events (check local restrictions). $10.00 additional shipping with this item, cannot be shipped express, air or through the US Postal Service.
  • 70" long, 28" draw
  • 28 lb pull weight
  • includes 2 Bodkin Needle Tip arrows


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Write a Review
- Paulo, October 12, 2010
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Traditional archery is a hobby of mine. I have three recurve bows at 35lbs, 70lbs and 80lbs. The price of this bow is what is usually charged for a factory made 55lb to 65lb longbow. This bow could be used for short range target practice and hunting small game at very close distanses
- Thomas, July 19, 2010
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