Dragon Scale Leather Quiver

Manufacturer part number: DK3106

This impressive quiver is made from top quality leather. Features domed metal studs along the rim and heavy lacing on bottom rim and back. Adjustable shoulder strap that secures with a buckle. 21 inches long.


This Dragon Scale Quiver is impressively crafted from top quality leather layered to resemble dragon scales. The scales are fastened to a sturdier leather quiver base which provides a solid and secure way to store your arrows, ensuring that you don't catch on leather dragon scales when you try to draw an arrow out. The quiver features domed metal studs along the rim and heavy lacing on the bottom rim and the back, which serves to hold the quiver securely together.  It is a perfect accessory to have when you are looking to store away arrows of any type, whether they are cushioned LARP arrows, blunted practice arrows or sharpened traditional arrows! The quiver also features an adjustable shoulder strap that secures with a buckle, which allows this quiver to easily fit archers and bowmen of all shapes and sizes. Handcrafted in the USA. Choose from black, brown, red, green or blue. Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Overall: 21" long, 5" in diameter
  • Holds All Types of Arrows, Including LARP and Traditional Arrows


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