Dead Man's Pirate Vambraces

Manufacturer part number: DK6025

These vambraces are crafted from excellent 7/8 oz leather. Features top and bottom trim, and diamond shaped leather riveted on to the center which exhibits a silver colored skull adornment. Overall length of 9-1/2 inches.


These Dead Man's Pirate Vambraces have top and bottom trim plus diamond shaped leather riveted on to the center with a silver colored skull adornment. Available in different color combinations with steel hardware. The bracers have steel speed lacers which make lacing them up a cinch. Great for LARP, Pirate Festivals and Theatres. Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Hand Crafted from top quality 7/8 oz leather
  • Overall Length (Top to Bottom): 9-1/2"
  • Wrist: 6-1/2" across
  • Forearm: 8-1/2" across


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