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Dark Rogue Leather Vambraces

Manufacturer part number: DK6071

These vambraces are hand crafted from quality 7/8 oz leather and made with a riveted and plated design. Secured with a trio of leather straps and buckles. Overall length of 8-3/4 inches.


These Dark Rogue Leather vambraces are made with a riveted and plated design that is flexible and supple enough to move and shift while still being highly defensive. One adjustable size, they secure with a trio of leather straps and buckles. Great for LARP, Renaissance Faires, theatre and costumes. Available in black or brown. Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Handcrafted from top quality 7/8 oz leather
  • Overall Length (Top to Bottom): 8-3/4"
  • Wrist: 6" across
  • Forearm: 8" across


Great looking item.  leather is not too stiff, so easy to wear.  rivets give it an especially menacing look.
From: charles, May 07, 2016

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