Dark Rogue Leather Armor

Manufacturer part number: DK5010

This double-layered armor is handcrafted in 7/8 oz chrome oil tanned leather. Features stylized plating along the core and a pair of sword frogs attached to the back.


Crafted with protection in mind, this Dark Rogue Leather Armor is double-layered and features stylized plating along the core. The breastplate has a two-piece design featuring a broad belt that covers the abdomen and a matching plate that covers the chest and shoulders. A pair of sword frogs are attached to the back to keep your weapons handy. Adjustable straps and buckles that fasten the armour around the sides and the back.  Hand crafted in the USA in 7/8 oz chrome oil tanned leather, this comfortable breastplate is supple and soft to the touch yet hardy and durable. Choice of black or brown. Swords not included. Also available with hoodShips separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Sized to Fit Between a 31 inch Chest and a 46 inch Chest


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