Cybersteam Eye Patch Monocle


These Steampunk goggles have a single, plastic monocle lens with a copper finish and soft rubber around the eyecup. Adjustable elastic strap.
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This imposing monocle will give a distinguished look to just about any airship pirate. This wonderful eye patch has soft rubber around the eye cup and an adjustable elastic strap for easy fit. The plastic lens has been metalized with a copper finish on the outside yet act like regular sunglasses when worn. Plastic construction with an antique bronze finish.


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Write a Review
This works as a great accsessory to any steam punk costume. Giving a great air of mystery while keeping up the tech appearance. The only problem: No air holes. It fits like a goggle so your eye doesn't breathe, hence it fogs up. But drill a few small holes in the plastic should fix the problem
- Andrew, July 10, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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