Cutting Demo

Life wouldn't be fun here without a little cutting, chopping, throwing of weapons, generally controlled mayhem. Our pieces are used all the time on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, TV shows & movies, but you can read that else where on this site, what's just as cool to us is to hear your own experiences- provided you have a level of knowledge and respect for the pieces and use them properly and safely that is.

Our Heron Mark sword was put through the ringer again by our staff and came out with flying colors. We test all our items at one time or another and re-test many long time favorites. Yep, our jobs suuuuuuuck. =) The balance, weight and feel are very quick and lively, but with enough substance to cut through pork shoulder, bone, cardboard tubes and tatami mats with ease. It still remains one of our favorites.

Just a quick tech note: we hand forge blades of 1085 or 1095 high carbon steel, fully temper and provide full tangs on our edged weapons so they can perform like the originals. RC about 47 which we find to be a good practical range. Despite what the movies show, a sword was often times an impact weapon and not a cutting one. This RC allows enough flex to absorb shocks and bounce back while still maintaining a good edge which can be field serviced.

Which brings me to the over used term "Battle Ready"- this doesn't mean you can be abusive, silly & reckless. Yeah I'm looking at you. We mean that how history has proven they were really used, revered, taken care of and performed against the defenses of the day, that is how you can expect the items you get from us to perform.

Swords are like people, treat them well and they'll be your friend for many years to come.
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