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Cuirass and Vambraces of the Spaniard

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From the classic movie Gladiator we bring you Armor of the Spaniard. The cuirass has all leather construction with adjustable side straps. The vambrace and wrist strap are leather. Vambrace is 9-1/2" long and features adjustable leather lacing; one size fits most. Wrist strap comprised of an approximately 100" strip of leather meant to be wound around the palm, wrist and forearm. Shown with mail shirt and blue gladiator tunic.

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The Armor of the Spaniard is as close to Gladiator as you can hope to get without spending tens of thousands on actual memorabilia. The detailing is silver-painted leather and looks much better in person. Strongly recommend buying the mail shirt, as it enhances the ensemble tenfold. Only complaint is a few of the circular silver leather studs came off and had to be re-adhered, so bring out your gorilla glue!
From: Erick, July 24, 2013
Hi Jeremy - Normally I would suggest your returning this so we could inspect the issues you are reporting, but we have no record of your purchasing this product from us.  If you bought it from one of our authorized retailers please send it to them so it can be forwarded to us to examine. From time to time some products may slip by quality control.  However, this may not be an MRL product as there are knock offs in the market made by other manufacturers.

From: Museum Replicas Team, June 08, 2012
In a word: TERRIBLE. The actual leather backing is halfway decent, but the white details are done in what appears to be some kind of cheap craft foam that is simply glued to the leather. Awful. And whats more, the detail pieces look like they were made by a toddler. A shamful piece that isnt even screen accurate. Bad form, MR. Bad form
From: Jeremy, June 05, 2012

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