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Crusader Shields

Museum Replicas offers a wide range of historical shields from the Crusades, both for decor and battle ready use.

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Shield of Crowns

This shield of King Arthur is made of stainless steel and is accented with polished brass. Comes with hanging chain attached. Made by Marto of Spain.
$349.00 $248.95 $199.16

Lionheart Shield

This all steel shield features the emblem of Richard the Lionheart in brass. The edges are accented with polished brass, along with heavy rivets. Comes with hanging chain attached. Made by Marto of Spain.
$349.00 $248.95 $199.16

Knights Templar Shield

This all-steel shield has edges accented with polished brass and heavy rivets. Comes with hanging chain attached. Made by Marto of Spain.
$379.00 $248.95 $199.16

Crusader Wooden Shield

This padded knightly shield is made of curved wood and covered with a white canvas. Has adjustable leather arm and shoulder straps. Available with a red painted cross emblazoned on the front or plain so you can paint your own coat of arms.
$164.95 $131.96

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

Really nice shield for use with my Knights Templar outfit.  Well made and covered with linen or some other heavy fabric which adds a nice finishing touch.  The Cross painting in also very nicely done.  The wrist and shoulder straps are both made of heavy leather and firmly attached to the shield.  Excellent quality and very satisfied with this shield
Reviewed by: Kevin, July 05, 2020

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

This is an outstanding piece.  I repainted mine:

It is very sturdy and well-constructed, overall.  Riveted straps feel solid and completely useable.  There is thick padding for the back of the arm.  If I were using it as a functional piece, this would give me some confidence in the shield.  I don't think it would stand up to serious abuse, but the historical originals wouldn't have, either.

The only possible knock on it is that the canvas it's covered with blistered a bit when I was painting it, but this is likely a function of the paint I was using and being exposed to the elements.  Not worth a deduction, though, since this is both outside of what it's designed to be used for and not even a serious issue.  5/5 - highly recommended.
Reviewed by: Michael, June 24, 2020

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

Opening the box I didnt know what to expect. After layers of cardboard and shipping padding (not peanuts) I was incredibly surprised by how solid this piece felt. Strapping it to my arm was a surprise to be sure. The creatures I'd be ready to fight, I felt like a paladin in hell ready to hit evil head on. I ordered the non painted and got the painted cross. While not dissapointed I'm deciding if I'll paint it myself now. Pleased, pleased, pleased!
Reviewed by: Ryan, September 06, 2019

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

My boyfriend LOVES his Templar Shield. Excellent quality and truly realistic. He dressed as a Knights Templar when we went to a medieval faire. He was stopped by numerous people requesting a picture with him. Would love to post a picture of him in his Templar outfit of which many items were purchased via Museum Replicas.
Reviewed by: Susan, December 31, 2018

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

Absolutely Beautiful!, Beyond expectations. Quality material. Strapping firmly attached.
Reviewed by: Jim, September 21, 2018

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

This shield is everything you want it to be. The straps on the back are perfect. The shoulder strap is in the right spot. When I brought mine to the CT. Renaissance faire all the knights loved it. This shield looks as good as it does on the website.
Reviewed by: Daniel, December 18, 2010

Review of: Crusader Wooden Shield

Reviewed by: elias, August 02, 2009