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Crusader Helmet


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Developed early in the 12th Century, the Great Helm became the mainstay of the medieval fighting man, and lasted for about 300 years. Worn over a mail coif and padding, this helmet has menacing, narrow eye slits for maximum protection. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts from 18 gauge steel.


Magnificent helmet, I have a big head but it still leaves room for padding and a coif.  I must also applaud the packaging, the plastic wrap and coating of grease kept the helmet rust free after the package accidentaly got let out in the rain.
From: John, January 19, 2012
From: John, May 05, 2011
This helmet really looks cool, but even with a mail coif and arming cap , its still very loose and bulky. Very hot when on. So cool collectors item. Not very good if you want to wear at a faire.
From: Daniel, August 11, 2010
From: kimberly, April 18, 2010

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