"Iceman" Copper Age Fixed Blade Knife


Inspired by a knife found with the "Iceman" with a few modern updates, this knife has a hard wood handle with real copper wire wrap and leather neck sheath.
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A knife similar to this was found with the earliest mummy unearthed in Europe. It appears early man knew a thing or two about knives, this is an excellent little companion. Although inspired by the "Iceman", ours has a few modern updates - stainless steel blade with rough forged finish, and hard wood handle with real copper wire wrap.  Includes leather neck sheath with adjustable thong.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length5-3/4"
Blade Length2-1/2"


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Write a Review
Amazing replica
This Knife actually inspired an article. After i bought it, I was so impressed with it that I wore it for an entire year to see if it could perform in an edc role, much like it would have for Otzi. I ended up wearing it for three years and accomplishing many tasks with it. It probably has the best neck knife sheath design I've ever seen.

It is easy to sharpen, looks great and legal in most areas. What more do you really need in a basic every day carry knife?
- Mike, December 28, 2023 | Verified Purchase
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Functional history for my son
I bought this as a gift for my youngest son.  It fits well in a small hand. The grip to blade ratio makes it very manageable. I believe a fixed blade is safer for a child.  As a child, I once had a folding knife fold back on my fingers.  He can place his finger along the spine to do detailed work. The knife fits deeply and tightly in the sheath.  It was not very sharp, which gave us an opportunity to work on that skill.   It is also a memorable piece that appeals to his enthusiasm for history.
- MIchael, February 18, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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