Consider yourself repulsed! 5b/78/c85b787f0f70483876e110879cc4f441.jpg

No not repulsive, repulsed...oh never mind. Iron Man was the talk of Comic Con and rightly so, Marvel isn't holding anything back in its production. And you know with Stan Winston Studios behind the FX that this is going to be amazing.

Heading into its release this Spring 2008, the prop replicas company heading the charge of must-haves is our very own Windlass Studios division. You will be able to own in a few months what it took Tony Stark years to accomplish (sorry Tony).

Don't let our other Iron Man LE helmets fly by without you grabbing one though. We're taking pre-orders now (shipping in Sept.). You aren't a true fan of Iron Man or a history buff of the Marvel world unless you have the original steel or gold version of the very first helm developed by Stark Industries.

Maybe we should call it the Iron Man collection since for the first time you can own the most iconic pieces in a chronology of development from start to finish. A very unusual opportunity to show the continuity between then and now that we're proud to give you access to.

Remember this is all Top Secret, so keep these props to yourself. There's no telling what this technology could be used for in the wrong hands!

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