Come see us at Dragon Con

You are cordially invited to our Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios booths at the upcoming Dragon Con.

This Aug 31 to Sept 3, Atlanta, GA will be the ultimate place to be. The Con is huge and spread out over various connected hotels, so make sure you get to the Hilton Grand Ballroom booths 177-179 or else... Remember if you don't see anything else but us, well then, you're not seeing anything else I guess. (You won't be disappointed.)

The highlight will be our Marvel and Frank Miller collectibles, but you'll also see collectibles from The Phantom, DrizztPractikilts and much, much more. Great photo ops can be had by all. Show blowout specials on popular items and pre-orders will be on the menu too. But wait don't act yet, we'll also throw in this pair of steak knives! No steak knives? Do we have anything to give out? That's OK, forget it, they haven't read this far anyway.

We look forward to you buying us a drink! What? Oh, I meant to seeing you there.

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