Classic “Battle Worn” Hammer of the Mighty Thor


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When Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created, he decreed that it would be presented to his son Thor when he had been proven a worthy warrior. Thor spent the next several years training and performing heroic deeds. Indeed, years later, Odin gave the hammer to Thor, declaring the greatest warrior in Asgard should have the greatest, most powerful weapon. The magic lives on in this full size/scale replica. The head is antiqued aluminum and shows the nicks and cracks that Thor has picked up in his epic battles through the centuries. The inscription reads “Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of…Thor”. Also features a solid wood shaft and genuine oiled suede wrap that looks “worn” from years of service. This is an imposing and genuinely stunning piece. Includes custom fiberglass display representing the craggy cliffs of Asgard and full color certificate of authenticity. Act like lightning; only 999 will be made! Are you god enough? Reserve yours today! Can ship to US and Canada only.
  • Overall: 17-3/4"
  • Head: 7-1/2" x 4” x 4”
  • Wt: 5-3/4 lbs
  • Base: 24” x 13” x 9”


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The seax, or sax, was universal in Northern Europe. Carried and used by the Saxons, Angles, Vikings and German tribes, its use probably dated before the fall of Rome and continued on into the early Middle Ages. From small knives with 3-4 inch blades to actual swords with blades of 27-28 inches and always single-edged, the profile of the seax varied a great deal. The original version of this large knife served from camp work to cutting work, on shipboard, and for fighting if a sword or axe was not available. The lobed pommel and guard are brass, and the wood grip is studded with brass tacks, for a very secure and comfortable grip. The blade is etched on both sides, flat ground, and capable of taking and holding a razor sharp edge. Leather sheath riveted and laced like the originals, has two thong slots. The remnants of this Seax can be seen in the British Museum. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.