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Cawood Viking Sword by Paul Chen / Hanwei

Manufacturer part number: SH2457

The Cawood Viking Sword by Paul Chen / Hanwei is a faithful reproduction one found near Cawood Castle. Features a forged 5160 high-carbon steel blade.
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Named for the vicinity of its founding near Cawood Castle in England, the Cawood Sword is one of the most well preserved Viking swords discovered. Believed to be from the 11th century, it was found preserved in mud in the River Ouse and now resides at the Yorkshire Museum. This replica features the same lobated pommel and steeply down curved quillons. The wide fullered blade is forged 5160 high-carbon steel. While no scabbard was found with the original, the Cawood Sword comes with a leather-covered scabbard appropriate for the time.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length35 5/8"
Blade Length29 5/8"
Handle Length4"
Weight2 lbs / 7 oz
Material5160 High Carbon Steel


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Write a Review
Fantastic Sword
This is an amazing replica! The sword is an absolute joy to look at, swing, cut and just plain enjoy. It came with a good edge right out of the box, but a few minutes with a whetstone put a great edge on it.
As soon as I picked the sword up, I knew that I was holding a fine sword. I could imagine what a 13th Century warrior felt as he (or she... Shield Maidens are historic fact) drew this weapon before battle. A certainty that THIS sword will serve well in the coming battle!
The balance is superb. Enough blade presence to let you make dynamic cuts yet feels light in hand and very responsive. The sword seems to almost lead you into the strike and follows every intention. The down-turned quillions give a distinct feel of defensive ability and the acute point makes this sword very capable of both cutting and thrusting making it a superb weapon in the melee. Easily one of the best swords available at any price!
- Rick Miller
- Guest, July 03, 2020
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