But enough about Museum Replicas...


Our sister site Atlanta Cutlery Corp is authorized to carry new lines of knives from Wrangler (yep, the cowboy company), Mantis (a great new American knife company), and Blackhawk Tactical to add to our already huge line of great brands including BokerBenchmadeGerberTimberline and our unique Windlass cutting tools, swords and Cobra Steel line.

Personal Defense & Other Gadgets
Some highlights that get us talking everytime they're brought up are the new Gerber Artifact & Curve, Boker Executive Defense & Tactical, Blackhawk Tatang, Windlass Combat MacheteSOG Micron, and the super cool and wicked Columbia River Hisshou. Great new knives and gadgety things just in time for the holidays and that odd adventure you may take.

Bug Art
Whoa, have you seen this stuff? Real bugs frozen in their natural state in acrylic and made into awesome jewelry. If your squeemish look away. Beetles and scorpions and jewelry oh my!

If you can't find something useful and unique from ACC there's medication with your name on it.
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