British WWI Robbins of Dudley Push Dagger


This push dagger was designed for unskilled knife fighters for stabbing. Designed for a natural movement from behind with the high carbon steel blade is held orientated horizontally to the ground. The point is sharp, but the edges are not sharpened.
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During WWI the firm of Robbins Dudley filled the “Tommy’s” need for easy to use in close quarters fighting knives. They made at least 10 different models and we’ve reproduced the 2 most popular versions. Designed for easy manufacture these knives were all private purchase by individual soldiers. This push dagger was designed for stabbing from behind with a natural movement (great for unskilled knife fighters) with the 1065 high carbon steel blade held orientated horizontal to the ground (point is sharp, but edges are not sharpened).

Includes standard top-grain leather scabbard sewn with waxed linen thread and brass hardware.

Cannot be shipped to CA or MA.


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