Blade the Daywalker is still the man...

Yep, he's still the man and I'm going to pitch some products in this blog so be prepared.

Blade is as cool as ever and unless you've been living under a rock the last few weeks you know he's alive and well (at least the props are) at our stores for immediate delivery. Why go another night without proper vampire protection? Garlic...too smelly. Wooden could get splinters. Holy water...there's never water around with holes when you need it. Blade chose these weapons for a reason, we think you should too.

For all you Joss Whedon Firefly & Serenity fans/Browncoats our license won't last much longer, so act fast on our licensed collectibles from the movie. If you haven't seen the flick, well there's that rock thing again. Very well done, a lot of fun and worth a peek. My wife even jumped on board (although I suspect it's more because of Mal than anything).

Our holding pattern continues for some of the other licensed gear we're eager to announce, but we think a break will come soon, so stay put right here. Well, that's all folks!

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