Medieval Shields- Six of the Best

Medieval shields came in all shapes and sizes.

The kite shield, popular around the 10th century, was designed to protect the foreleg. As armor improved, the kite shield was adapted to the shorter and wider heater shield. The late medieval period saw the surge in popularity of the round buckler, which was small and preferred by the foot soldier. The Scottish targe was, one could say, the bigger version of the buckler. Then there was the pavise, a massive convex shield used by bowmen and archers to protect against arrows from enemy archers.

Museum Replicas carries several medieval shields that are perfect for any collection. The following are six of our best.

Shield of the Three Lions

This wonderful looking shield is made of resin and hand-finished to look like metal. It exhibits the Royal Arms of England on a field of blue. The shield measures 17” x 12-1/2".

Steel Domed Shield

The Steel Domed Shield takes inspiration from a similar shield that was popular from the 13th–17th century. Smaller in comparison to others, this shield enabled the soldier to move quicker in the battlefield. This particular version from Windlass Steelcrafts is made of 18 gauge steel and features leather grips. The shield measures 23-1/8" in diameter and weighs 6 lbs.

Shield of Crowns

The Shield of Crowns is crafted of stainless steel and accented with polished brass. The emblem features three crowns at the center. A hanging chain comes attached with the shield. It is made by Marto of Spain and measures 35" x 19-1/2" overall.

Lionheart Shield

This shield, from Marto of Spain, is crafted of steel and features a brass emblem of King Richard the Lionheart. The edges are highlighted in polished brass and the shield exhibits heavy rivets. It measures 35" x 19-1/2" overall.

Knights Templar Shield

This all-steel shield, another from Marto, features at the center the seal of the Templars – a horse ridden by two Crusader knights. Its edges are accented with polished brass and the shield has heavy rivets. A hanging chain comes attached. The shield’s overall dimensions are 35" x 19-1/2".

Crusader Wooden Shield

This padded shield has been made expertly of curved wood and covered with white canvas. It comes with an adjustable leather shoulder and arm straps. The shield is also available plain which allows you the option of putting your own design on it. The dimensions are approximately 32" x 20".

Check out these shields form the Middle Ages and from different periods in history.

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