Bastille Day

As you can imagine, millions of French people all over the world celebrate Bastille Day, a holiday that honors democracy and equality in France. A symbol of power and unity to those struggling against tyranny.

On the day of July 14, 1789, which was early on in the French Revolution, mobs broke out in protest against the monarchy. One such mob stormed the Bastille Fortress in Paris. Why? It was a main source of weapons and gun powder, the citizens could arm themselves and fight back against the well organized military efforts to police them. They also freed many political prisoners which helped fuel the fire in the bellies of the populace.

The mob made a very public statement against the food shortages and the oppressive regime they faced which rippled through the ranks, by killing the prison's governor, beheading him and infamously putting his head on a stick to parade around, a sign no royal office was safe.

The French monarchy saw first hand the people embrace the revolution's motto - liberté, égalité, fraternité, or liberty, equality and fraternity, and this forever changed the political and social structure in France.  

The reasons may be different at times, but we can all understand and appreciate uniting and fighting for a noble cause. Today it is celebrated all over the world with parties, parades and fireworks. The parties stand out to us as they are often costume parties. Should you get the chance to attend one, you'll want to check out Museum Replicas extensive collection of men's and women's costumes, jewelry and accessories which can enhance your evening in a historically accurate and stunning way.